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# Written by Jack Henschel
# 2015-2016
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<div class="header_block">Hardware</div>
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<article id="about">
<h2>What is</h2> is a very basic server, hosting quite a few different services, including
a Web server and multiple Chat servers, whilst also acting as a NAS.
The main goal is always to provide as much security and privacy to
the user as possible.
Visit the <a href="#software-status">Software & Status Section</a>
to view a list of software running
Cubieserver. This will also show you the version and its current
As you will see, is only running Free Software. This aspect
is one of the main components of providing a secure and transparent service.
At this point, I (the Administrator and also Creator of this Website)
would like to thank <a href=""></a>
and their Contributors very much for providing these awesome background
pictures you are seeing every day for <a href="">free</a>.
Without them this Website would look a lot more boring.
<section id="web-stack">
<h3>Web Stack</h3>
The web-server for the system is <a href="">Nginx</a>,
supported by <a href="">php-fpm</a>
(for PHP functionality) and <a href="">fast-cgi</a> (for Perl functionality).
These are speed up by <a href="">Memcached</a> and
have the ability to use either <a href="">MySQL</a> or
<a href="">SQLite</a> as their storage backend.
<!-- <section id="chat-servers">
<h3> Chat Servers </h3>
There are two chat-protocols deployed on IRC and XMPP/Jabber.
Of course, both of them are secured and only accessible with SSL.
The IRC-Server is <a href="">ircd-hybrid</a> (Port 6697)
and the XMPP-Server is <a href="">Prosody</a>,
both can be described as efficient and scalable.
With IRC, there is a specialty: <a href="">ZNC</a> -
an <a href="">IRC Bouncer</a>.
You can find details on how this works and why it is interesting on our special page
dedicated to IRC: <a href=""></a>.
</section> -->
<b>Note:</b> You can view the source code for this web page at <a href=""></a>.
<article id="news">
<div id="news-loader" class="loading-animation">Getting the latest data <br>
It seems you have disabled JavaScript. <br>
Either enable JavaScript to view this Website properly,
or go to <a href="./news.json"></a> manually.
<article id="software-status">
<h2>Software & Status</h2>
<div id="software-loader" class="loading-animation">Getting the latest data <br>
<div id="software_table_wrapper" class="table">
<div class="table_row caption">
<div class="table_left width_30">Software</div>
<div class="table_left width_20">Version</div>
<div class="table_left width_10">Status</div>
<div class="table_right width_40">Description</div>
It seems you have disabled JavaScript. <br>
To view this Website properly (especially this part of the page),
please enable it.
<article id="hardware">
<div id="hardware_table_wrapper" class="table">
<div class="table_row">
<div class="table_left width_20">Processor</div>
<div class="table_right width_80">Dual-Core ARM Cortex A7 @ 1GHz (SoC: Allwinner A20)</div>
<div class="table_row">
<div class="table_left width_20">Architecture</div>
<div class="table_right width_80">ARMv7l (armhf)</div>
<div class="table_row">
<div class="table_left width_20">RAM</div>
<div class="table_right width_80">2GB</div>
<div class="table_row">
<div class="table_left width_20">Storage</div>
<div class="table_right width_80">256GB via SATA</div>
<article id="contact">
This server and site are administered by Jack Henschel.
Have you encountered any problems? Would you like to suggest a service or feature?
Let me know! <a href=""></a>
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allow_registration: false,
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domain_placeholder: '',
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