Central repository holding configuration and infrastructure-as-code for my homelab. https://www.cubieserver.de
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Cubieserver - Jack's Homelab

Welcome to the Infrastructure as Code repository serving as the source of truth for Jack's Homelab - "Cubieserver".

Note: the canonical repository is https://git.cubieserver.de/Cubieserver/homelab. The Github mirror is intended for disaster recovery purposes (to avoid the chicken-and-egg problem when bootstrapping the infrastructure).

The installation, setup and configuration of all software involved is handled by two components:

  • Ansible: used for provisioning physical machines until they can join the Kubernetes cluster
    • this is currently still in development
  • Flux: deploys all services on top of Kubernetes (with local Kustomize manifests and external Helm charts)

An overview of the currently running services can be found on the Cubieserver homepage.

Tips & Tricks

PostgreSQL Size

Get size of Postgres databases:

psql -h <HOST> -U <USER>


Get size of Postgres tables:

\c <DB_NAME>


Selfhosted Applications

Lists of self-hosted services, applications and tools: